Blue Rhythm represents the leading psychiatrists and psychologists in the fields of substance abuse and mental health. We provide the infrastructure necessary to sustain the healthy longevity of an artist’s career. Our empathy and innovation paves the way towards a new solution to directly address the mental health and addiction issues which face the music industry today.

Blue Rhythm was conceptualized after bearing witness to loss, addressing not only a need, but a desire to make the lifestyles of artists safe and sustainable. We represent counsellors providing mental health and addiction support to prevent music touring artists from suffering alone. By addressing the direct link between music and addiction, our services identify, assess and act as a preemptive measure for stigmas that all too often become true, leaving these struggles untreated and deemed insignificant. Trust is paramount; our discrete and bespoke counseling services are designed to address the specific needs and problems facing the music industry. Providing on demand, on location services, we model our confidential services out of your needs. Our central tenet is to offer flexibility which caters to the non-traditional life and constraints of introductory and seasoned musicians embarking on tour. Providing on-tour clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, on-location sessions and tele-counseling, Blue Rhythm creates a way forward for artists within creative industries to not only continue, but to thrive.

With a mentality centred on sustainability, Blue Rhythm is able to provide an infrastructure to address the needs of artists and managers alike. Our services cater to an artist’s individual obstacles and medical needs. We identify issues that negatively impact an artist’s career and create a means to continue, providing long-term structural and organisational gains for our clients. We create the sustainable structure necessary to maintain an artist’s long-term health and well-being alongside their demanding schedules. By providing on-tour clinicians, Blue Rhythm becomes a part of music touring - mitigating the risks an international tour can face. We focus on healing what is not necessarily visible, ensuring issues that can compromise both ability and success do not negatively impact a tour. The professional support of a clinician contracted for the duration of an international tour can address obstacles, thereby resolving potential risks.

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