Blue Rhythm was conceptualized after bearing witness to loss, addressing not only a need, but a desire to make the lifestyles of artists safe and sustainable. We work to increase access to mental health and addiction support, as a means to prevent artists from suffering alone. 


Trust is paramount; our confidential and bespoke counseling services address the specific needs and problems that can affect artists and professionals within the music industry. We tailor our flexible services to cater to schedule constraints and tour commitments for artists in any stage of their career. By facilitating everything from online tele-coaching to touring coaches, Blue Rhythm creates a way forward for artists within creative industries to not only continue, but to thrive. 

How We Work

Our infrastructure focuses on healing what is not necessarily visible, ensuring issues that can compromise both ability and success do not negatively impact an artist's career. 


We facilitate the onboarding of your artist, including the process of getting the individual matched with the right coach. Once that is done, we manage the logistics of all further support

Coach Selection

The coaches are researched based on their background and experience with high-performance clients, then vetted through a multi-step interview and background check process



You have the right to remain anonymous. You also have the right to receive help. That is why we never ask for your name, instead you receive a Unique Client iD to use when dealing with Blue Rhythm

Account Management

It is important to us that the artist representatives receive logistical and administrative support. As such, we provide a consistent point of contact for all involved stakeholders