Blue Rhythm was conceptualized after bearing witness to loss, addressing not only a need, but a desire to make the lifestyles of artists safe and sustainable. We work to increase access to mental health and addiction support, as a means to prevent artists from suffering alone. 


Trust is paramount; our confidential and bespoke counseling services address the specific needs and problems that can affect artists and professionals within the music industry. We tailor our flexible services to cater to schedule constraints and tour commitments for artists in any stage of their career. By facilitating everything from online tele-coaching to touring coaches, Blue Rhythm creates a way forward for artists within creative industries to not only continue, but to thrive. 

How We Work

Our infrastructure focuses on healing what is not necessarily visible, ensuring issues that can compromise both ability and success do not negatively impact an artist's career. 


We facilitate the onboarding of your artist, including the process of getting the individual matched with the right coach. Once that is done, we manage the logistics of all further support

Coach Selection

The coaches are researched based on their background and experience with high-performance clients, then vetted through a multi-step interview and background check process



You have the right to remain anonymous. You also have the right to receive help. That is why we never ask for your name, instead you receive a Unique Client iD to use when dealing with Blue Rhythm

Account Management

It is important to us that the artist representatives receive logistical and administrative support. As such, we provide a consistent point of contact for all involved stakeholders


Our Team

The Blue Rhythm Team is led by our Founder, Alexandra Williamson, and Co-Founder Jacob Øen. Our Lead Clinical Assessor, Coach John oversees the clinical work at Blue Rhythm. John holds a MSc in Mental Health Counseling, MA in Drug and Alcohol Treatment, (BA) in Psychology, and is a member of (among others) the National Board for Certified Counselors.


We are advised by industry leaders who operate across music, health care, technology, and psychology. Our Board of Advisors are chosen based on their commitment to the vision and values of Blue Rhythm, with a shared passion to create a new standard of support across the global music industry.

Our Team of leading medical professionals specialise across the fields of mental health and substance abuse.  All Coaches have previous experience across the creative industries, with expats from organisations such as: Virgin Records, BBC, Ibiza residencies, BMG, Sony Records and Warner Bros Records.


Please see our Coach Accreditation Guide for further information


Founder & Managing Director

Blue Rhythm was conceptualized by Alexandra Williamson after losing years with loved ones due to battles with addiction, substance abuse and mental health. Having pursued a career in music, starting out as a concert photographer at age 15, Alexandra went on to work across venues, agencies and events, all the while observing how substances played an ever-increasing role in the lives of those she was inspired by. 


As a fly on the wall Alexandra observed and experienced substances and unhealthy practices being used as a means to solve problems, whereby the lifestyles of artists were defined by struggles with mental health and lack of support resources. After bearing witness to loss Alexandra set out to continue her work in music, but was intent on addressing the need to make the lifestyles of artists safe and sustainable. From this passion Blue Rhythm was born - a service which specifically caters to the unique needs of those within the music industry, with the ambition of setting a new standard for mental health and substance abuse support. 


Alexandra holds a Masters of Arts (M.A.) from The University of St. Andrews (UK).  



Co-founder & Director of Operations

With roots in the Film and Television Industries, Jacob’s work as Blue Rhythm’s Director of Operations is informed by his experience working intimately with actors and creative professionals, closely managing on and off stage relationships and responsibilities. 


Having witnessed the impact of mental health issues across productions and sets, Jacob returned to the world of academia to further explore the role of technology within healthcare solutions, and how this impacts an individual’s privacy. Blue Rhythm has proved to be a unique and challenging opportunity which marries the worlds of the creative industry with health services, where Jacob creates solutions to better recognize and represent the unique needs of those within creative industries, whilst furthering the individual’s ability to access relevant, specialized, safe and quality services. 

Jacob holds a MA from The University of St. Andrews (UK) and a MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science (UK).