001. Confidentiality

It starts with an evaluation. Through convenience and discretion we are able to cater to our clients needs by creating the framework necessary to identify, address and resolve issues which may be impeding an artist’s career and creative success. While maintaining complete anonymity, we handle all logistical and medical obstacles clinicians may face during an international touring contract. Thus, ensuring clinicians can provide constant medically led care to the client without limitations caused by the changing countries of operation.

To ensure we are representing the best in the field, all of our clinicians are rigorously vetted before joining our team. Trust is the bedrock of our operations; clients and clinicians alike are protected under custom privacy and confidentiality agreements that are sewn into our framework. It is paramount we make it not only possible, but easy to protect the individual and the brand. Blue Rhythm was founded to help individuals unknowingly susceptible to substance and mental disorders, particularly those who become vulnerable as a result of the environments, lifestyles and stresses which are inherent in the music industry. Treatment can often be hindered by the stigma associated with addiction, therefore we have designed Blue Rhythm to seamlessly and confidentially integrate our operations into the daily lives of our clients, ensuring that no disruptions befall the artist and the artist’s career.

002. Individual Care

We only work with appropriately authorised and highly accredited clinicians who have a proven track record of being leaders in their respective fields. Each person is chosen based on their ability to not only act professionally, but effectively in the line of work. While our expert team is based in London, our clinicians are available to meet clients at their location of preference. Blue Rhythm is driven by an unyielding belief in three key principles: upholding and maintaining confidentiality above all else, building a supportive infrastructure around each, individual client, and securely protecting all personal data entrusted to us.

Current Services

  • Introductory Evaluation

  • Telecounseling

  • Rapid Response

  • Psychiatry Services - in office

  • Psychiatry Services - on location

  • Psychology Services - in office

  • Psychology Services - on location

  • Pharmaceutical Services

  • Contract Tour-Clinicians

  • Member Meetings

003. Continuous Self-Improvement

Providing on-tour clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, in-house sessions and tele-counseling, Blue Rhythm creates a way forward for artists within creative industries to not only continue, but to thrive and overcome stigmas all too often ignored. As Blue Rhythm expands, so do our means of assistance. BR is able to provide counseling services to the entire touring company as the scope of these obstacles goes beyond and affects more than the top billing.

With continuous treatment, the benefits of contracting someone to be on the road, results in the creation of an infrastructure and environment in which it is possible for the artist to overcome these obstacles we have identified and need to treat, resolve, and remain aware of.

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